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“Wheresoever’s you go, go with all your heart”,this is a saying by one of the ancient prominentChineseteacher/philosopher Confuscious.When Icame across, it sounds pretty basic,we have heard it a million times,"follow your heart!". It is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation at the same time it could be. Maybe Confucius did not intend this advice to be applied only to the broad spectrum of our careers and life journeys. From my own point of view he meant it to apply to every individual day. or every individual moment we experienced in our lives. Therefore, asIwere approaching winter vacation it was one of my goals to notwait until the weekend, the vacation, or the fulfillment of allmyhopes and dreams, to be happy but create my own happiness by placing great value on the everyday tasks, starting with which the school had planned for us.

One of the first activity thatIparticipated in was the Home Day Activity.This was a“home day”Chinese family’s New Year experience.The activity involved the Xintianyuan Primary School and their family.The main purpose of the activity was to have cultural exchangeexperiencewith one of the families.Thefamilies were chosenaccordingto numbers andIpicked number 12 which was Jason’s family. At firstIwas bit scared. I had a lot of questions in my mind, howwasIgoing to communicate with them, would they like me and wont Jason be scared of me since iamof another race. To my surprise the mother was so nice and could speak a little English. Jason was a bit tense and shy at first but as time went on he got a bit more free and confident. His English is very good and was veryembarrassedof myself that it is almost a year now andIhave not mastered on how to communicate in Chinese. My day became even more exquisite and memorable when Jason’s mother introduced me to Jason’s teacherwhopreferredto be called Titi since she always forgot her English nameand her Korean friend, Jane. Being a fan ofKoreandramasI learnt a lot ofKoreanculture which is somehow the similar as the Chinese.

The family took me in their car and we visited the Dongshan Academy.It is almost two years now in China, I have not gone back or visited my family but all my years in ChinaIhave never felt more welcome and felt at home asIdid on this day. Jason and his teacher taught me a new song whichIhave forgotten which was in Wenzhonese language and was a bit challenging and at the same time fun song.Withthe Chinese Spring festival around the corner people were already celebrating for the coming of the new year, the year of the dog.Iate a lot interesting food, the local food and homegrown fruits and vegetables, to make it even more interesting the food kept on coming.Ienjoyed the corn mostly, once you put the corn in your mouth you would not want to stop.Icould taste many flavours from the corn, a bit of ginger and a sweetness that camewithit, in short it was delicious. I think on that dayIate food for the future two days forIwas so full.Chinese culture, people are usually very enthusiastic to tell you as much as you want to know! Of course, with this comes tea! IthinkIwill write a book from just the little timeIspent with the family.This was an experience up until nowIwish to repeat over and over again. Sadly the day was cut off as the family had to attend Jason’s little sister kindergartenperformance. My heart dropped, it reminded me of the dayIwaved goodbye and gave hugs to my family asIwas coming to China for study.Iwas able to hold back my tears as there were also other families but was hurt.The good part isIalways communicate with the family now here and there.Ilearnt a lot of from this experience a lot especially the importance of family and the impact they have in our lives. I made a lot of friends too.

From the pictures above it is myself, Jason mother and Jason.On the other picture Jason was teaching me how to write his Chinese name.

Jasonwas teaching me how to use chopsticks.At my back is the Jane andTiti.

Inas much as I thought this winter vacation was going to be boring it actually turned out o be a blessing in disguise.As time went on again after my memorable time with the Jason’s familyIgot to experience again another activity.Other students and I travelled to Yongjia County to visit Cang Po village and Camphor garden in Nanxi river. At Cang Po villageIencountered many old people and it reminded me of my grandmother. The old men were seated enjoying the open fire as it was a bit cold and the old women were doing laundry.They were really surprised seeing us and could not stop looking at uswhichis something that we have become quite used to in China.Others could not stop touching our hair wonderingwhetherit was real or not then there were others that were perplexed by our skin color. Despite, that they were so welcoming.Withthe new year around the corner, one thingIdiscovered was the wedding preparationsoccurringon the same date and sameplacebut different venues. The decorations were reallycolorfuland beautiful.At the back of the venue where people were going to held the wedding, people were busy preparing food.Isaw many different kinds of fish and many food thatIdonoteven know.It was just exceptional.

The photos of the bride and groom were displayed at the front gate and they looked very beautiful. It was the first timeIgot to witness Chinese wedding. It is kind of similar to the Zimbabwean wedding however their way of celebrating is unique.

My friends and I at the Cang Po village. The other one I’m standing at one of the wedding that was being held.

When you travel food is always there. I think for a change when I get back home my cheeks will be glowing forIreally have been fed here. The food just keeps coming. My school is really the best, for planning such activities for us.In Yongjia we were able to play and run, rolling in the grass, screaming and laughing endlessly it was like I’m a little kid again.It is really true that laughter is the best medicine. I felt at peace and all my worries of being stuck in the bed 24/7 were erased. China is really a good place to be!

Our last destination was the Nanxi riverwhich is the cradle of class Chinese water-ink painting.Itis so beautiful and clean. I had a really great time.

     China in my eyes is a diverse of natural beautyis as impressive as its splendid culture.Its vast and diverseterritory endows the country with some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth.I had a really great time and enjoyed. I wonder ifIhad visited other cities out there including Beijing whichIhope to visit in future. How many pages or shouldIsay novel just todescribethe beauty and how China is in my eyes.

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