Story: Fay’s Experiences in WZU(故事分享:艾霏霏的温大留学生活)

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Name(姓名):Sitti Fatma Binti Jamjam (Fay)

Chinese Name(中文姓名): 艾霏霏


Major(专业):International Economics and Trade(国际经济与贸易)

Figure 1.0: Wearing a traditional Chinese dress Qipao


Why Did I Choose Wenzhou University?


My first contact with Wenzhou University dates back to May 2016, when I have travelled to China for a month and visited numerous tourist destinations. In the face of globalization, China has successfully preserved its own culture and a long history. During my stays, I found that China is not only rich in culture but also an excellent choice to continue my studies. While travelling in Zhejiang Province, I was introduced to Wenzhou University by some friends whom later took me on a day-tour around the university. My first expression of Wenzhou University was that the university is huge, convenient, and has a very nice environment. The university offered various course programmes for foreigners and I was interested in its Chinese Language and Literature program. I made up my mind on the same day and proceed with the admission process with Mdm. Even Chi at the College of International Education office. I learned Chinese Language & Literature from 2016-2018 and in the mean time I have completed HSK-4 in 2017.


Why Did I Continue to Learn in WZU after your Chinese Language Study?


The main reason I decided to further my education in Wenzhou University is because I was completely satisfied with my short-term experience studying Chinese language. My experience as an international student overall has been positive. To me, being in the university is not only an experience; it is also a preparation for my future. With the supports from my family, friends and WZU’s staff and lecturers, I am convinced to pursue my passion of studying economics in WZU. In addition, Wenzhou City is quite a nice place to live in as compared to other large cities, Wenzhou City is relatively affordable.


Figure 2.0: Chinese Language Students Graduation Ceremony
in 2018 Academic Year


My Feelings on Wenzhou City and Wenzhou University


The Weather and Seasonal Activities (天气和季节性活动)

Wenzhou City gets its name because of its mild climate without extreme cold in winters and extreme hot in the summers. For each season, there would be various activities held by the university such as International Students’ China in my Eyes Essay Competitions, Sports Meeting in the Autumn, field trips during winter and summer, International Students’ Talents Competitions and many more. Personally, I love the autumn season in Wenzhou and I mostly enjoyed outdoor activities during the season.

温州市因气候温和,冬无严寒,夏无酷暑而得名。每一个季节,学校都会举办各种各样的活动,比如留学生 "我眼中的中国 "征文比赛、校运会、寒暑假“感知中国”活动、留学生才艺大赛等等。就我个人而言,我很喜欢温州的秋天,在这个季节里,我主要喜欢户外活动。

The Local Dialect (Wenzhouhua)(地方方言(温州话))

Although Chinese Mandarin is widely spoken, the local dialect is Wenzhouhua. Truth to be told, it is regarded as the most difficult dialect in China because it is incredibly different from any Chinese language.


Local Attractions (当地景点)

Wenzhou City is blessed with its natural high and green mountains, deep valleys, sea view and so on. I have been to most of the popular scenic spot in Wenzhou such as Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River, Jiangxinyu Island and Dongtou Island. Daluo Mountain and Wenzhou Amusement Park are another scenic area that is located close to Wenzhou University Town. It is a popular recreation spot among international students.


Figure 3.0: Celebrating 40-years of Wenzhou City Development
with Wenzhou City Leaders


My Special Experience in China


China is a big country with a huge population of 1.3 billion people. Ever since I came to China, I have been travelling to many different places, encountered different people and its culture, and learned through their way of life. To date, Shanghai City, Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Shenzhen), Shandong Province (Jinan, Qingdao), Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou, Ningbo, etc), Jiangsu Province (Nanjing, Suzhou, Taizhou), Yunnan Province (Kunming, Lijiang & Dali) and Tibet Autonomous Region were among the places I have been in China.


Figure 4.0: Extra Curriculum


Campus Life


When I first lived in Wenzhou University, I stayed in the Expert Building of South Campus during my study as a Chinese language course student. South campus of Wenzhou University is where the Administration Building is located. The campus is huge and well-known for its own beauty. The colleges of engineering are also located here, where majority of international students attended their lessons. By the time that I was living there, we were quite in a small number, therefore, we mostly recognized each other and quickly became like a family. Although we came from different countries and different cultures, that did not stop us from being respectful and lived in harmonious as international students in a community. Next, I moved to Dormitories D-Area when I started my major which is closer to North Campus of Wenzhou University where College of International Education and School of Business College are located. By 2018, the number of international students has increased significantly. Being independent in a foreign country, each one of us gets to be part of a community that lets us live and learn from people of different cultures. Plus, we also share ideas and perspectives as students have every opportunity to make some international connections of their own.


Field Trip with the CIE Leaders


Figure 5.0: Fellow International Students from the School of Business college
during a Social Practice in 2020


Chinese Culture and WZ Life Experience I Had During My Study


Living in China or Wenzhou in particular, one might not have missed the opportunity of learning the traditional cultures of China ancient. The most common are the Chinese Art Calligraphy and Paper-cutting Skill in which new students would be learning these as early as in their first semester as a freshman. In addition to these, I have the opportunities to learn more on Chinese culture. For instance, I attended a three-months Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture lessons from several traditional doctors working in the Second Affiliated Hospital in Wenzhou City. It’s incredible that one can describes your personality inside out by just checking your pulse!


In the middle of 2018, a team of 8 students including myself were chosen as the representatives of WZU International Students to participate in the 2018 Zhejiang Province Sports-Meeting which was held in Hangzhou.  We were performing the Taiji Boxing (太极拳one of China’s martial arts) during the competition. It was an awesome experience to me!


Apart from that, in the early 2021, I got the chance to experience and learn the famous Wenzhou Ou Opera (瓯剧). I wish that more people especially the younger ones build on heritage of Ou Opera in the future.


Figure 6.0: Learning the Traditional Chinese Cultures


My Feelings About Study and Living Here; My Suggestions to Students Who Study Here and for those Who Wants to Study Here in the Future


My overall experience has been a very positive one. I am satisfied with my life in Wenzhou University and Wenzhou City as a whole. I have had created many beautiful memories in China and more yet to come. For the students who are currently studying here in Wenzhou University try to at least break the language barriers and learn the basic Chinese language while you are at it. Most lecturers often encourage students and support them with their academics and guide them to build their future careers.


If I were to give a piece of advice to anyone worried about starting university abroad, it would be to get involved with things like societies as much as possible. There are so many opportunities, whether it is a new interest or something you were already involved in at your home country or previous schools.


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